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Our Pick & Mix option is a great way of picking short, specific courses when you need them, it offers you the freedom to pick and mix micro courses that your staff would benefit from. It’s your choice, you pick the courses, you pick the time and we'll deliver them right in your workplace.


All our pick & mix courses last no longer than two hours and they are ideal for staff who need specific training, staff who are in need of some refresher training or want to build their CPD. These topics will also add benefits to residents suffering from specific medical conditions ensuring that carers have knowledge of the condition and know how to best meet their needs. The courses are an enhancement and would be seen as good practice by CQC. Each micro course once completed has its own certificate of attendance which outlines the course content. Our micro courses are delivered by our qualified Nurse trainers and Registered Paramedics. Each pick & mix cost is just £120 per group and you can have up to 12 members of staff in each group. Book 3 courses on the same day in the same workplace and save 20%.

Equality and Diversity.

What is equality and diversity.
Your role in equality and diversity.
Challenging equality and diversity.

Nutrition and M.U.S.T. screening.

Food groups
Balanced diet
Encouraging food and fluids
M.U.S.T. assessment and management

Record keeping and confidentiality.

Codes of conduct and legislation under the Data Protection Act.
Types of information and records kept in health and social care.
Recording information - where, how and when?
Confidentiality and security.

CPR and AED Awareness​.

Managing an emergency.
Treatment of an unconscious casualty.
Resuscitation (CPR).
Operating the AED.

Personal care.

Providing baths and showers for the resident.
Mouth, denture, hair, foot and nail care.
The safety rules and standard precautions associated with providing care.
Recording and reporting.

Care planning awareness.

How do individual care plans differ?
What are the stages of care planning?
How are care plans updated?
How to create a care plan?

CQC awareness for care staff.

Role of the CQC in the care sector.
Aims of the CQC to ensure quality care.
Inspections that take place.
Meeting standards and requirements.

Ageing Process.

What is the ageing process?
How an individual needs change as they age.
Best practice when working with older people.

Incontinence awareness.

Common causes of incontinence.
Understanding different types of incontinence.
Identifying the assistance available when managing incontinence
Developing management plans.

Diabetes awareness.

Types of diabetes.
Diabetic diets.
Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia.
Foot care and eye care.
Management of diabetes.

Stroke awareness.

What is a stroke?
Signs, symptoms and effects?
Care of the stroke person?

Parkinson’s disease awareness.

What is Parkinson’s disease?
Signs, symptoms and effects?
Care of the Parkinson’s disease person?
Your way to Pick&Mix the courses you need