Falls and bone fractures are a serious problem particularly for older people and often has an impact on hospital admissions and long term care. It is a growing problem and has featured in several documents produced by the Department of Health. NICE have also published clinical guidelines for the assessment and prevention of falls in older people. This course will consider the many risk factors associated with falls and focus on implementations to prevent falls and fractures.


To provide all participants with the knowledge to be able to understand the prevention of falls.

The course content:

The course is divided into four modules and includes an assessment at the end:

Understand falls and associated risk factors.
Identify bone health in relation to falls.
Discuss Risk assessment and patient safety.
Understand management and prevention techniques.


A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion of the course; this is subject to satisfaction of the instructor and at the end of the course assessments..

Course fee: £POA including a maximum of 12 staff members
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Falls Awareness
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